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What does bankruptcy even mean?

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When an emergency happens, sometimes you run into financial trouble. In some instances, it may force you to declare a form of bankruptcy. If this has happened to you, don’t worry. So many other people have needed to make this declaration in order to keep their heads afloat in turbulent financial waters. As the economy twists and turns, the hardship of financial instability can take its affecting toll.

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy, know that you have taken the first step back into responsibility. Filing for bankruptcy lets the government know that you are in need of dire help. This means steps can be taken to assure your swift recovery, allowing you to repay bills, rebuild credit, and get back to living within your established means.

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Pat B. Fossett

Pat Fossett corpus christi attorneyhas practiced exclusively in Consumer Bankruptcy Law throughout his legal career, assisting those in trying financial situations to salvage self respect to save and pay for valuable real and personal property and stop creditors and debt collectors from using intimidating and harassing debt collection practices.


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The Facts on Bankruptcy:

  • Many bankruptcies happen not due to negligible spending habits, but emergencies, such as sudden life changes, job redundancy, divorce, or emergency medicine
  • More than 1,000,000 Americans filed for some form of bankruptcy in 2009.
  • Americans in debt in 2009 were forced to deal with almost $65,000 worth of debt just in their name alone

Financial burden was never meant to be the deciding factor in a person’s life. The United States Congress was given the responsibility to regulate bankruptcy law for reasons like this. If you are in need of a new start, the bankruptcy law offices of Malaise Law Firm is here to give you assistance. Take power of your finances and take power of your life.

Common Forms of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are able to get the help you need to eliminate debt. This debt might include unsecured loans, medical bills, utility payment, credit card bills, and other massive payments. Relief of this type can help those who are behind on scheduled payments for credit cards. This relief can also assist those who have endured a serious life change.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

If you are a business and are in need, you need to declare Chapter 11. By declaring Chapter 11, you will be able to restructure any pre-existing debt in order to be able to pay the amount back in a prompt and safe manner. This option is not open to individuals. This is strictly a business only bankruptcy option.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows those in need to adjust their debt individually. This declaration is best for those that are in a very temporary hardship, but still need a hand. Instead of having to restructure heavily or work to eliminate debt in a more serious term, those affected will be able to repay within 3-5 years.

Whether you are considering filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or even if you don’t know which chapter is right for you, our Corpus Christi bankruptcy lawyers can help you with forms, procedures, and what to expect.

Why Hire an Attorney from Malaise Law Firm?

Malaise Law Firm is from here. It’s from Texas. We’ve gone out of our way to staff people that know Corpus and more. We know what it takes to struggle to stay on your feet. We’ve seen the same struggle in so many of our clients that have come in asking for help. We do this to help those that need it.

Malaise wants to help Corpus Christi get out of any bankruptcy trouble it might have. If you want a lawyer that understands exactly what your problems are, Malaise can help. Our focus is only on bankruptcy. We also know that people don’t always fall into bankruptcy. Sometimes, they are forced into it.

Your first consultation with us is completely free. There, we’ll help you understand the problems besetting you and give you the necessary help moving forward. Even if you don’t choose us, you will be prepared to spot upcoming bankruptcy and know the benefits of declaring.

Malaise Law Firm can help.