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  1. Do not believe anything that you hear until you have spoken with a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer.  There are countless mythscirculating about Chapter 7 that are not only false, but also damaging if you believe them.   Instead of taking other people’s advice, speak with a legal professional who is experienced in this area of law.
  2. Be ready to answer questions that a bankruptcy attorney will need to ask you.  For example, a lawyer may ask you about your income, your debt, how you accumulated your debt and if you plan to repay your debt.  Your bankruptcy legal professional may also want to look at your credit report.  So, be ready to disclose information.
  3. Know that some of your property will be exempt from liquidation and other property may be subjected to liquidation.  Your bankruptcy attorney can advise you further on this matter and help you get a better understanding of what assets are exempt and non-exempt.

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