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San Antonio Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. Whether you just don’t feel you can commit to making that decision to file, or our office determines that other options would work better for you, when you meet with the Malaise Law Firm we can review your specific situation to determine the best strategy to tackle your debt problems. With an experienced and caring San Antonio bankruptcy attorney working with you, you will be able to tackle your debt problems and get them under control.

Some of the alternatives we can utilize to reduce your debt without bankruptcy include the following:

  • Credit card and personal loan debt – If you have any type of unsecured debt and find you can no longer meet the monthly payments, our office can negotiate with your lenders to either reduce your interest rate, obtain a lower flat monthly rate for you, or settle the entire debt for a fraction of the total owed.
  • Auto Loans – We can negotiate these as well, again either by lowering the interest rate, the length of the loan to decrease your payments, or the total amount owed.
  • Short Sale – When you can no longer keep up payments on your home, a short sale allows you to sell your home for less than the remaining balance, with an approved agreement with your lender to accept the lesser amount and not pursue you for the balance.
  • Foreclosure – If you have been threatened with foreclosure due to a mortgage default, we can help stop that process and get you onto some type of payment option that you can live with through a forbearance or loan modification.
  • Deed in Lieu – Some lenders will accept the deed to your home and take possession of it and forgive the loan. You will lose any equity in your home, but can avoid the negative impact to your credit that a foreclosure would have, in addition to having the bank agree to take the property as full satisfaction of your debt.
  • Loan Modification – When you can no longer afford your mortgage payment due to an increase in the interest rate which raised your mortgage payment, because of a job loss, or various other reasons, our office can negotiate a modification of your loan. This can result in either a lower interest rate, lower principal amount owing, or an extension of the length of the note. All of these will result in a lower monthly payment that will enable you to remain in your home.

Bankruptcy Attorney in San Antonio

We have many options to help you with in order to avoid bankruptcy and yet still handle you debt situation. Our office is committed to helping our clients get back on their feet financially and be able to move forward with their lives. We are experienced in bankruptcy and debt negotiation law and have the know-how you need to get you out of debt.