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Considering Filing for Bankruptcy?

woman considering filing for bankruptcy

Once you file for bankruptcy you will begin experiencing relief almost immediately. Once your petition is filed, all debt collectors and creditors are required to stop collection efforts and lawsuits against you. This means that creditor harassment will end and you will be able to finally breathe easily in knowing that an automatic stay has been placed against foreclosure proceedings and all debt collection activity.
As you may well know, filing for bankruptcy may be a difficult and sensitive process for any debtor to undertake and can have difficult emotional effects. After making the tough decision of whether to file in the first place, a debtor will then be faced with the Means Test to determine whether he or she can file under Chapter 7. A San Antonio bankruptcy attorney at the Malaise Law Firm can help you make these difficult decisions and can determine whether you will qualify for a Chapter 7 filing or if Chapter 13 is the better option in order to save your home from foreclosure or protect your assets and property. A lawyer can also help ensure that your petition is properly filed, with all financial information included in a clear and accurate manner in order to avoid any confusion or a denied petition. Misrepresentation or missing information, even when accidental, may result in a denial that will limit your ability to file again for an extended period of time.

San Antonio Bankruptcy Lawyer

The best way to approach filing for bankruptcy is to work with a lawyer who can properly address your concerns, answer your questions and protect your legal rights through the entire process. From the initial petition through to the discharge of your debt and even in the process of rebuilding your credit, a competent attorney can help you experience all of the benefits that bankruptcy has to offer you.