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About Wage Garnishments

When an individual has unpaid debts such as credit card bills, personal loans or even lawsuit judgments, wage garnishments can be sought by the creditor.  A wage garnishment is an order that has been requested through legal means and served upon your employer or bank to garnish your wages.  A sheriff is normally used to issue the order to comply with the wage garnishment, which must be obeyed.  This can result in devastating effect to your finances.  If you are already living day to day and have been unable to keep up with your payments, having a set amount deducted from your paycheck or taken from your checking account can leave you with many other personal situations to handle, such as bounced checks, problems at work and even not enough money to live on.  If you have been affected by a wage garnishment order, call a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney immediately to see how we can handle the situation for you.

A garnishment occurs after a creditor goes to court and wins a judgment against you.  You may have to appear at a court ordered hearing regarding the wage garnishment, which may order it at that time.  The creditor is then required to send you a notice clearly stating that the wage garnishment has been authorized, a description of what is not allowed to be garnished, and the procedures to follow to stop the garnishment.  Certain types of income cannot be garnished, such as unemployment, retirement benefits, social security checks, workers compensation benefits or public assistance.

Stop Your Wage Garnishment

At the Malaise Law Firm we have the tools to stop any wage garnishments almost immediately.  Either before the garnishment order takes effect, or through bankruptcy if the garnishment is already in place, our skilled law firm will aggressively pursue having the order stopped.  Don’t let your finances be at the effect of your creditors, handle your debt situation with the help of our legal staff.  We will provide you with all the information and advice you need to make a sound decision on your best options to handle your wage garnishment and debt problems.