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Today in America many people are finding themselves in a financial rut which is leaving them with filing for bankruptcy as their only option. Statistics are showing that two thirds of the personal bankruptcies in the country are a result of too many medical bills. People are sick, they are injured, and to receive any form of treatment is costing more than a pretty penny. Often times even those with medical coverage plans are spending a lot of money when they are badly injured or facing extreme illnesses. Many businesses today are facing a lot of pressure to make money and sell their products, and this is unfortunately apparent even in the medical field. It is stated that there are situations in which the hospitals can be led to charge more and borrow more in order to meet their quota. Often times the pressures of making business deals and deciding where the money goes is left to the corporate executives rather than the doctors that are treating the actual patients.

In order to make their goals for “sales” in the medical business doctors can offer the best or most timely procedures that will cost more. A dentist gave the example of offering a crown instead of just give the patient’s cavity a filling. The idea of offering more treatment in order to bring more income is leading to patients paying more money. Obviously, this isn’t always the case; it is just a common trend that researchers are observing. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on one medical professional who claims that the answer does not reside with the government or corporate businessman, but rather in the individual. Accomplishing this can be done by giving individual patients knowledge of their case and specific circumstance, and allowing a doctor to give free medical consultations up front. This option allows the patient another opportunity to decide on the kind of treatments they want. There are many options in improving the financial crisis this country faces, one step at a time it just might start changing for the better.