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Advantages of filing bankruptcy

One of the main advantages of filing for bankruptcy is that it takes the immediate overwhelming amount of stress out of the picture as creditors will stop harassing you and you can put more attention on being productive to handle life, your job and your family. There are different kinds of bankruptcy filings and the correct one will need to be determined on an individual basis. Filing for bankruptcy is a form of responsibility of handling debts and one should be able to look at it from that viewpoint. A bankruptcy filing can also stop wage garnishments. If you are facing a foreclosure on your home, it is wise to not delay a filing so as to prevent losing your home. If you have tax problems, filing sooner rather than later can prevent more problems and complications from occurring.

Disadvantages of filing bankruptcy

A bankruptcy will affect your credit and will stay on your report for ten years. (Spouses by the way, can be kept off of a bankruptcy if so requested, depending on the type of bankruptcy you need to file.) A person may feel embarrassed or may feel a blow to his pride after filing, but this not unusual.

As long as one continues to take action to better his life, and recognizes that life goes on, he will pull through regardless. Debt relief can bring peace of mind.

Per the law, you have to list all of your debts, be they personal, or to companies. For personal ones, you can tell your creditors what you are going to do and let them know that you will repay them after you get back on your feet.

The long term results

Bankruptcy basically gives you a “time-out.” Time out to get another job, time out to get back to a better state of health, time to do what you need to do to get your life back in order so you won’t wind up back in the same situation. It also gives your credit a re-boot or fresh start. Just keep in mind that sometimes we have to look at what is the best solution, as well as which solution will be the most advantageous to everyone involved.

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