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Once you successfully file for bankruptcy, all wage garnishment will stop. It should be an immediate process that takes effect before your next payroll is even processed. However, it will not stop all wage garnishments; any child support arrears will continue to garnish your wages. Items like second mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, medical bills and vehicle loans are subject to a stoppage of wage garnishment.

If you are serious about stopping wage garnishment once and for all, it is time to contact a bankruptcy attorney today. A consumer bankruptcy attorney that has handled wage garnishment cases is best equipped to not only discuss your legal options with you, but finally put a stop to the wage garnishment that has been making your life more difficult. However, this all depends on whether you are able to get the type of bankruptcy that you need. Since bankruptcy laws are constantly changing and evolving, it is best not to file alone, but to enlist San Antonio bankruptcy attorney to represent your best interests in a court of law.

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