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With so many in trouble financially across the United States due to our economic times, being aware of whether you might be heading in that direction is important. If any of the below warning signs are present, you should consider seeking the advice of a bankruptcy attorney at our San Antonio law firm about how to handle the situation. If you get good advice before too many warning signs develop, you may be able to avoid filing bankruptcy.

  • I’ve fallen behind on some of my credit card payments.
  • I’m one or more payments behind on my home or car payments.
  • Although I have enough monthly income to pay my normal monthly living expenses, I don’t have enough left over to get caught up or get ahead.
  • Creditors are calling me at my home or work.
  • I want to get caught up with my bills, but my creditors are refusing to work with me.
  • My interest rates on my credit cards has increased because I was late on some of my payments.
  • The balance on my credit cards keeps increasing each month.
  • My monthly minimum payments on my credit cards keeps increasing each month.
  • I’ve had to borrow money from a “pay day” loan company.
  • I’ve reached the limit on some of my credit cards.
  • I’ve had to juggle credit card payments by using some credit cards to pay off other credit cards.
  • I’m unable to save any money for retirement because I don’t have any money left over at the end of the month.
  • I need money to pay my creditors so I am thinking about borrowing from my 401k retirement account or worse, taking out a home equity loan.
  • I have trouble sleeping at night because I stress about making ends meet.
  • I am having marital problems because my spouse and I argue about finances.

Notice the Warning Signs: San Antonio Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you see yourself in the above warning signs, it’s time to face reality and consult with a bankruptcy lawyer. Doing something about it now and getting fully informed as to all of your options can help you make a decision that can possibly avoid a bankruptcy if at all possible. Contact our office to discuss your specific situation in a completely confidential and free initial consultation.