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If you are overwhelmed with debt or are considering bankruptcy, a question on your mind may be, “Do I need an attorney?” This is an important issue to consider. An individual filing for bankruptcy in San Antonio, Texas is not required to hire an attorney to handle his case, although we highly recommend that you do work with a legal professional both in the decision-making process and through the entire course of your case. There are numerous benefits to involving a licensed attorney.

First, a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney can help you make the right choice about filing in the first place. This may involve a thorough review of your financial situation from an objective standpoint. You can discuss your short and long-term financial goals and can discuss all potential positive and negative effects that filing may have on you and your family. Getting information that addresses your questions and concerns may enable you to make the right choice about filing. It can also help you determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may be a better option.

Once you decide to file, your attorney can handle all of the technical and legal issues that may arise. This includes ensuring that:

  • Your petition is properly filed;
  • All pertinent financial information is properly included;
  • Your repayment plan is submitted (for Chapter 13 filings);
  • Your legal rights are protected through the entire process;
  • Your property is protected under bankruptcy exemptions;
  • All eligible debt is discharged; and
  • Any issues/contests by creditors are addressed if they arise.

San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is a legal process that needs to be approached correctly if you are to discharge all eligible debt and secure a fresh financial future. The way to achieve this is to involve a competent legal professional who will be with you every step of the way. Learn more about our services by browsing through the information on our site and by visiting our bankruptcy video center, where you can view helpful videos about relevant topics such as bankruptcy warning signs, how to choose your attorney and your bankruptcy options.