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One federal judge is sending a message to banks across the country: stop harassing clients who have filed for bankruptcy. The message was inspired by one debtor whose bankruptcy was ignored by the bank and thus made him a target of harassment by the financial institution. Whenever someone successfully files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are granted a debtor’s discharge. This means that financial institutions and creditors cannot ask you to make payments on your debts. This allows you to work out the terms of your bankruptcy without fear of creditor harassment, something that you may have already experienced before filing for bankruptcy protection.

In some cases, like the one above, banks disregard discharges and continue to hound their clients. The client above received 38 phone calls from their bank after they received the discharge, an amount that caused the debtor enough concern to hire an attorney. The judge agreed with the debtor and held the bank responsible for its actions. Has a creditor been relentlessly calling you? Contact the Malaise Law Firm now to learn how a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer from our team can help you stop the abuse once and for all by utilizing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).