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Foreclosure rates across the country have seen serious fluctuations over the past few years. In some areas like San Antonio, Texas, the rates are remaining relatively steady, experiencing slight inclines over the past few months. According to CoreLogic, a company that tracks foreclosure rates across the country, the San Antonio-New Braunfels area saw a slight incline in foreclosures last month. In January 2011 the rate was 1.36%. Last month, that rose to 1.37%. While this increase is small, it does represent hundreds of homeowners who received their first notices of foreclosure in the mail.

The current foreclosure rate nationally is 3.43%. Compared to that figure, Texas is doing well at 1.48%. In the San Antonio-New Braunfels area, the 90-day delinquency rate is higher than the state average. This is an indicator that shows how many homes are in danger of foreclosure or have already been taken into bank custody. Are you a homeowner who is facing foreclosure in Texas? If so, learn what you can do to prevent foreclosure by contacting the Malaise Law Firm to enlist the advice and assistance of a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney from our team.