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They say that a penny saved is a penny earned, but for Thomas Daigle, those pennies were his salvation. The man from Milford, Massachusetts warned his bank that he would be paying off his final house payment with pennies, and then arrived with 62,000 of them. The creative man simply told reporters that he wanted that last payment to be memorable. Daigle’s boxes of pocket change weighed approximately 800 pounds each. The two large boxes were taken to a local bank, and Daigle was granted a debt-free home.

According to his wife, Daigle has been saving his pennies since he moved into the home in 1977. He would always pick up pennies on the sidewalk, in the garage, or behind the couch and say that it was going towards his last mortgage payment. The supersaver says that while it was a memorable last mortgage payment, he is very happy to have the coins out of his home. Doubtless it took a long time to count and organize the change into the payment. While banks don’t welcome large payments in pennies, they were able to process the imbursement because Daigle warned them ahead of time. Daigle is an optician who has been working towards paying off his mortgage for years.

Daigle made local news headlines with his story, partially because most people fail to value pocket change in this way. If you are struggling to make your house payments, then you may want some help from an attorney at our firm. When you are dancing near the edge of foreclosure, it helps to have a financial and legal representative to help you. You may need to declare bankruptcy to eliminate your debt. While this may sound intimidating, the fact is that bankruptcies are normally a great way to get a fresh start.