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According to McCourt and his legal team, Commissioner Bud Selig is responsible for putting the Dodgers into bankruptcy. He hopes to prove to the court this month that Selig’s actions were responsible for the Dodgers running out of money as they did. To do this, McCourt will petition Selig to release certain documents from his own office.

Among the reasons listed for the bankruptcy are: financial difficulties brought on by the Bernard Madoff scandal; Selig’s rejection of a television contract with the Fox network, while approving television contracts for other teams, namely the Mets; and communications with ex-wife Jamie, who asked that the team be sold as part of the divorce agreement.

However, since the MLB has severely limited the number of documents released regarding the sale of the Dodgers and other related items, McCourt has been yet to prove that Selig is to blame for his current financial woes.

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