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Different Types of Construction Accidents

Anyone working in a construction site knows there is more risk of accidents and injuries due to the nature of the work site. There can be many contractors working different trades, with equipment and supplies everywhere. Employers and contractors are required by law to ensure that safety precautions are taken, including hard hats being worn, safety training done regularly, maintenance kept up on equipment and appropriate training to personnel handling equipment and machinery, however, these things are not always done, and accidents caused by the negligence of an employer or another contractor can lead to injuries that could have been prevented.

When you are involved in a workplace accident and are injured, it is important to contact a San Antonio personal injury attorney to assist you in thoroughly documenting your claim. At issue is who the negligent party might be, and in fact can be more than one party. The facts of what occurred must be investigated as there can be several issues that led to the injury. Construction accidents can be anything from a fall from a scaffolding to tripping over supplies left haphazardly in a workplace or electrical shocks and forklift accidents. Many lead to serious injuries that can result in costly medical treatment, disability and lost wages.

Construction Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

The Malaise Law Firm has been helping the residents of San Antonio for over 17 years and can handle your personal injury claim with skill and professionalism. Our legal staff will put together a complete and well documented claim showing all of your losses due to your injuries, including medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering. Our aggressive personal injury lawyers are dedicated to obtaining the maximum monetary compensation on your behalf.