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Assisting with Products Liability Claims

Defective products can cause many injuries in our society. More and more defective products seem to be causing injuries recently, leading to serious consequences for unsuspecting consumers. Products such as defective automobiles which fail to brake or vehicles that roll over easily are some examples. There are also baby cribs which have caused injury to infants due to defects, as well as many other similar products which resulted in some type of injury due to the negligence of the manufacturer. If you believe you have been injured due to a defective product, you may be able to file a products liability claim against the negligent party. Our injury and accident attorneys from the Malaise Law Firm can assist you in determining what your best legal strategy might be.

San Antonio Lawyer for Defective Products

Serious and traumatic injuries can occur from defective products, and their impact could last a life time. Auto accidents have resulted in deaths and catastrophic injuries due to failing brakes, while some other defective products have sickened individuals or caused other serious injuries. In order to pursue compensation for you regarding a defective product, it is important to be able to fully document when and where you purchased the product, as well as any maintenance or problems you had with it.

Your medical records will also be important to review as important documentation for your losses. The Malaise Law Firm has extensive experience in products liability claims and has helped numerous people to successfully obtain compensation in the San Antonio area. With our reputation, you can trust the Malaise Law Firm to meticulously investigate your claim and present all pertinent information in order to substantiate and defend your products liability claim.