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Understanding the Effects of Dog Bites

Dog bites and attacks are serious injuries that affect thousands of Americans per day, with many being treated in emergency rooms, resulting in millions of dollars in losses. Dozens lose their life from a dog bite each year and, unfortunately, many seriously bitten and attacked are children, who suffer injuries mainly to the face and head. Dog bites are traumatic injuries that can cause lifelong damage, including the necessity for plastic surgery, in addition to extensive and painful medical treatment.

As injuries can be severe and lengthy medical attention may be required, it is important to retain the services of a San Antonio personal injury attorney to safeguard your rights. Due to the nature of these attacks, injuries are normally disfiguring and require considerable treatment to restore a person’s appearance. There can also be nerve and muscle damage, resulting in long term disability that requires a care provider for the injured.

It is important to document the facts of what occurred during the attack as soon as possible, while the facts are fresh in someone’s mind. A full investigation to determine who the dog belongs to and what negligence the dog owner may have in the incident must be determined in order to present a strong claim to the negligent party’s insurance company.

Dog Attacks: Consequences and How a Lawyer Can Help

Certain dogs are known to be somewhat dangerous and their owners have a duty to keep them safely restrained. Dogs such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers have a history of being overly aggressive and have strong and massive jaws that can cause considerable damage. When an owner fails to take the necessary precautions to ensure his pet is properly secured, a negligence claim can be filed against the owner.

If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, it is important not to let an insurance company determine the course of your treatment and settlement. They do not represent you nor do the necessarily have your best interests in mind. With the severity of these types of injuries, you need someone standing by your side and negotiating for the maximum monetary compensation possible. The Malaise Law Firm has the experienced and caring attorneys you need to aggressively pursue your claim.