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Slip and Fall Accidents – Helping the Victim

Slip and fall accidents, also sometimes known as “trip and falls,” usually occur when some unsuspected spill or obstruction or damage on the floor causes someone to slip or trip on it. There are many such accidents that occur in San Antonio every year, resulting in leg, neck and back injuries, as well as head injuries and even fractures.

These types of accidents are not always someone else’s fault, but if you were at someone else’s premises and there was a lack of proper care taken in the maintenance of the premises, negligence can possibly be attributed to the accident. To properly evaluate any injury you may have sustained in a slip and fall, it is important to contact a San Antonio personal injury attorney in San Antonio to assist you with sorting out the incident.

Whenever anyone is injured in a slip and fall, the accident should be reported immediately to the person in charge of whatever establishment you are in. This could be a supermarket with a wet floor due to a spill, or an office with inappropriate lighting in a parking lot and damage to the asphalt, causing a trip. If witnesses are present, they should immediately be identified for future contact and even cell phone pictures of the hazard should be taken to preserve the cause of the fall. Our highly skilled attorneys from the Malaise Law Firm can assist you in investigating who the negligent party might be and pursuing a claim for any damages you may have suffered.

Handling Slip and Fall Claims in San Antonio, TX

Owners of businesses have a duty to maintain their premises in order to protect their clientele. When safety standards are not kept in, negligence can be determined to have occurred. Suffering a catastrophic injury from a slip and fall may result in you having to receive costly medical treatment, as well as losing time from work. Any injury suffered by someone causes undue pain and emotional stress. Our legal staff works to simplify processing your claim and taking care of all the details so you can get on with recuperating. Our dedicated team will aggressively pursue your claim, working to obtain a successful outcome that will bring you the compensation you deserve.