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Millions of Americans go to work each day and spend a good part of their day in their work environment. With so many different types of jobs, there can be any number of ways in which someone can have an accident in a work environment. From an office to a factory to a construction site or railroad yard, work accidents can happen anywhere.
Individuals may have rights under Workers’ Compensation laws on both state and federal levels. This may be the case if you or a family member have experienced lost wages and more from workplace injuries. Any employee injured in an accident during employment may entitle them to benefits. Contact our accident and personal injury attorneys at the Malaise Law Firm in San Antonio to get started.
When you are injured at work you must report the injury right away to your employer. A detailed report must be submitted by your employer to their workers’ compensation insurance company. Afterward, you are entitled to be treated by a doctor of your choice from an approved list. Injuries from work-related injuries can include anything from neck and back injuries to serious burns and fractures.

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While by law you’re entitled, workers’ compensation insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. They represent your employer and may seek to cut costs. This leads to inadequate medical treatment for your injuries. In some cases, you may have to return to work before you fully recover. Don’t take chances with your health and livelihood when you are in this position. Have an experienced attorney in San Antonio to handle your claim. You can rest assured that every possible benefit you are entitled to will be pursued by your legal counsel.

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Malaise Law Firm has the expertise you need to aggressively seek benefits on your behalf. Our legal team will provide you with the legal representation you need on workers compensation cases. At our firm, our attorney/client relationships are our top priority. We will keep you fully informed of what is occurring in your personal injury claim every step of the way.