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Speaking with Fox News on air last week, Paul commented that, “I am very hopeful and positive in the long run, but I think we are going to go through a bankruptcy first.”

With this statement, Paul has started an entirely new debate and awoke fears in the American public about the state of the economy. Since he believes that the government has done nothing but increase the country’s deficit, it is asserted that younger generations will be the most affected by current actions taken by the American public.

After learning about a new deal that is coming through Washington, Paul once again spoke out against increasing the debt. He stated that with these types of deals, taxes are always increased, but cuts are rarely made to counter them.

Yet, Ron Paul is positive about one thing: his campaign to be President in 2012. His confidence is buffered by a small poll taken by the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, a grassroots organization that is placing him at the top of the list of presidential candidates.

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