Assisting You with Your Social Security

applying for social security disability
When you are employed throughout your working life, you pay into a system of Social Security Disability Insurance that provides for different types of compensation for those who become disabled and are unable to work. When someone becomes disabled for some reason, and unable to work, this can become a stressful time. In order to replace the wages you are no longer able to earn, individuals will seek to apply for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Unfortunately, the process can be complex and difficult for many. If you find you are currently in that situation, you are entitled to apply for these benefits. At the Malaise Law Firm, our legal staff has been helping citizens in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Ft. Worth and other parts of Texas to get their Social Security Disability claims approved.

If you are disabled and unable to work it is advisable to apply for and file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible. The process is often, but not always, lengthy and people can quickly find themselves in financial distress simply because they had no idea how long the process would take. Why do you need a lawyer? Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys know what proof you will need to provide in order to get your claim approved. We can also represent you and prepare for any disability hearings, as needed. We collect fees only if your claim is approved so there is no risk on your part if your claim is denied.

Disability Hearings
If you were denied Social Security Disability benefits, this does not necessarily signify that you have reached the end of the road. You may be able to request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge to review the matter. This formal hearing will be held to determine whether the denial should be upheld or overturned. Because the outcome of this hearing will directly impact your ability to seek benefits, it is important to consider involving a lawyer to handle the matter. Representing clients throughout Texas at disability hearings, our team is skilled in thoroughly preparing medical records, evidence and other relevant information that you may be asked to provide. We prepare our clients for these hearings so they know what to do, what to say and what may be expected of them so they can seek the best possible result. Click here to read more about Social Security Disability hearings.

The Malaise Law Firm can help you if your first attempt at a claim was denied. This is in fact common and those who seek the help of experienced Social Security Disability lawyers often go on to win theirSocial Security appeal. The Malaise Law Firm has a thorough understanding of how Social Security works and can give you your best chance of winning your appeal or first time claim. For additional information on Social Security benefits, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Consult a Social Security Benefits Lawyer

The Social Security Disability claims process is a difficult one. The lines are often very long and the forms are difficult to fill out properly. Many people are denied even though they are actually entitled to benefits. If this has happened to you, contact our office right away. Our legal staff has the experience and dedication to aggressively pursue your benefits as quickly and effectively as possible. Don’t be discouraged by government red tape. Let us help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

Don’t let confusing paperwork and delays affect your Social Security benefits. Contact a Texas Social Security attorney at our firm to find out what you are entitled to.