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Supplemental Security Income benefits are part of the Social Security Disability program that entitles disabled individuals to obtain benefits when they are unable to work due to various qualifying disabilities. Benefits are afforded only to those who are in financial need and who do not qualify for more than $760.00 per month. Unlike Social Security Disability, you do not need to have paid Social Security taxes to qualify. However, you do need to qualify based on your ability to work and other financial criteria. Both children and adults alike may qualify for this program provided that they meet the requirements set by the Social Security Office. Establishing a person’s eligibility is not a simple task, and it is therefore recommended that you retain the services of a qualifiedSocial Security benefits attorney to assist you in applying for these benefits. It is vital to properly prepare the petition with all relevant information to avoid delays and denials due to incomplete or incorrect data. The attorneys at the Malaise Law Firm understand the procedures involved and can ensure they are presented correctly and accurately, maximizing your potential for winning your benefits.

Supplemental Security Income Process

As with Social Security Disability, if you are denied SSI, you will need to apply for a hearing to have your petition reviewed. Having the correct and appropriate medical paperwork to support your claim is vital if you wish to obtain benefits. Our legal staff are highly qualified to assist you in this process and have helped numerous clients to successfully obtain their benefits throughout the state of Texas. If you are in need of assistance with the processing of your SSI application, our attorneys are ready to help with personalized service. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation.

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