When applying for Social Security benefits, some people may wonder why they would need an attorney when the paperwork is available to be filled out and the process appears straightforward. Unfortunately, the procedure is actually rather complex and requires the proper presentation of the facts regarding your disability in order to ensure your case will not be denied. Getting your claim denied can result in lengthy waits for a hearing to occur, affecting your ability to obtain the needed benefits in a timely manner and causing financial stress on you and your family.

With the help of the Social Security benefits attorneys at the Malaise Law Firm, our legal assistance is based on an experienced understanding of the law. Our view when we file your application is towards presenting it in a manner that will reflect the extent of your disability. Even though your doctor may be providing medical reports for you, they do not always have the legal viewpoint of how to document your condition in order for you to be able to make a disability claim. In addition, speaking directly with Social Security Administration (SSA)personnel and filling out the application with them over the phone can result in a denial merely because of a misstatement or inaccuracies in what was said or how it was said regarding your disability. Although you know how your condition affect your ability to work, getting the idea across in the right manner based on legal criteria and the rules applying to benefits is something best left to a professional.

Our attorneys will work with you and your doctor in order to present your claim as effectively as possible, with accurate and convincing information supporting your eligibility. All contact with the SSA will be handled by our highly trained legal staff.

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When pursuing a claim for benefits, your best choice for the maximum chance of approval is through having a strong legal strategy based on your particular circumstances. Because our office knows the procedures and preferences advocated by the SSA and the judges, we can provide you with a case that is presented in the best possible light. At the Malaise Law Firm, we have been helping residents throughout Texas for many years in filing their claims for Social Security benefits. Our legal staff provides you with personal attention and will keep you informed of the progress of your claim throughout the process.

To succeed with your Social Security benefits claim, call a Social Security Benefits Lawyer at the Malaise Law Firm for the help and advice you need to obtain your benefits.

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