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Like any other state in America, the state of Texas likes to spend money. In fact, sometimes these people spend way too much money on expenses that they don’t need to survive, and run the risk of falling into financial trouble. If you live in Texas, then there are some financial ploys that you need to watch out for. Many Texans spend their money on lottery and gambling ventures, which can land them into financial ruin if they aren’t lucky. Gambling as a primary income is never a good idea, and when people hit the casino they should do so with the utmost care and discernment.

Another thing that many Texans are spending their money on lately is weight loss surgeries. This booming industry charges thousands of dollars for procedures. Admittedly, the patients normally gain their weight back in short order because they were never required to change their diet habits in order to reduce. If you are thinking about undergoing one of these surgeries and then heading back home for some home-cooked country-fried goodness, you may want to reconsider. This is one of the largest financial magnets in the state, and can cause thousands to fall into debt when they can’t afford their mortgage or bills because of the costly operation.

As well, Texans are prone to spend exorbitant amounts of money on athletics. If you follow a sport, then you should be cautious before throwing hundreds at those season tickets to the college or professional games. If you can carefully evaluate your spending habits, you will be able to identify places where you can reduce your spending and instead invest in covering the costs of living. By being a wise and assessing steward if your finances you have a greater chance of avoiding a financial situation that would push you into bankruptcy.