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Using a cell phone can triple the odds of being in a car accident. Even just listening to audio from a phone causes a 30% increase in the probability of a car accident.1 It is illegal to text while driving in San Antonio. If you violate this statute, you could be charged with a fine ranging from $200 to $500.

When you are driving, your mind needs to be solely focused on the road. Cell phone usage detracts from that singular focus. Even with another passenger in the car, you can still talk and be focused on the road (doubly so since you have a second pair of eyes to watch the road). But cell phone usage is proven to significantly impair your reflexes, even if you’re using a hands-free device.

Malaise Law Firm does not endorse any cell phone usage inside of a car. It places you and others in serious danger. But, if you have no other choice than to answer your phone, here are the only ways you should do it:
  1. Pull over to answer your phone – To completely remove any chance of a car accident, just pull over.
  2. Let the call go to voicemail – Interacting with your phone is often compelled by addiction. You can respond to the call after the drive.
  3. Program numbers into speed dial – if you have to make a phone call quickly, minimize the amount of numbers you have to punch by using speed dial
  4. Only use your phone for emergency purposes in traffic – Many phones come with an emergency call feature. Only use it during these times with the press of one button
  5. Don’t use your phone while driving in hazardous conditions – If there is heavy rain, snow, sleet, hail, winds, or something else entirely, put the phone away and focus on the road. Weather related car accidents claim the lives of 7000 Americans each year, so be careful.
  6. Don’t engage in stressful conversations while driving – Hold any problem calls until after transit.
  7. Shut off all notifications before getting on the road – Turn on “Do Not Disturb,” Airplane Mode, or another similar feature to block notifications. This will help block the compulsion to check your phone if traffic slows down.

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