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Unemployment is on the rise in the U.S. and your creditors will be knocking or calling within thirty (30) days asking for payment(s). You may have the thought of delaying the payments but don’t delay in making the decision to visit an attorney for consultation in filing bankruptcy in San Antonio. This will just give your lenders additional time to harass you, make further collection calls, causing you stress that you cannot tolerate during these tough times. Your annuity, IRA, 401k and other pension plans are exactly that “savings” that may be protected when you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may relieve your obligation to repay your debt and protect your savings from depletion. You worked hard to save, why relinquish it to your creditors. The Debtor(s) have options to use either state or federal exemption laws to exempt their 401k’s, IRA and Annuities from the grasp of their creditors and/or assigned trustee.