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Have you ever wondered which towns make the most money in the United States? According to the research at CNN Bethesda, Maryland is one of the top-earning towns in the nation. Households here boast an average of $184,606 dollars, and the downtown main street has an urban culture all its own. Another top earning town in the United States is Greenwich, Connecticut. This beautiful home is a magnet for boutique financial services and hedge funds. The town boasts an excellent school system and beautiful beaches and lakes. Palo Alto, California also makes it into the top 25 highest-earning towns in the nation, with a pile of tech companies. Companies like Facebook and Pinterest are based in this beautiful town in the Silicon Valley. Newport Beach is also a high earning California town, with beautiful Oceanside homes and luxurious restaurants dotting the coast.

Eden Prairie Minnesota is another successful town which has lakes for swimming and boating as well as excellent schools and a low crime rate. In the Catalina Foothills of Arizona, high-income earners also flourish with the best school in the county and spacious homes. Most of the workers in this area commute the 3 miles into Tucson each day. Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is also a rich down which has over 70 miles of biking and running trails and 2,2000 acres of green space. The beautiful town is considered a bedroom community, but there are still large mansions available for those who want to settle there. Another successful town is Clarkstown, New York, which traces the Hudson River. CNN calls this small town the “suburban area,” with ball fields, lakes, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Residents normally commute into New York City or New Jersey to work, and come back to their little slice of paradise at night. While these are some of the top earning towns in the nation, you may be living in a less-than-ideal financial location. If you would like to achieve a successful financial standing, then you need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney at our firm. We may be able to help you get out of bankruptcy and into a more comfortable financial situation!