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The 41-year-old filed again in Georgia after her first filing was dismissed. While her attorney is not speaking publicly about her Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, her filing is available for public viewing. It is easy to see that while she does not spend her money extravagantly as some of her co-stars do, she just does not have very much money coming in right now.

In the filing she listed assets of $1.716 million, mostly in property. As a result, her mortgage comprises most of the $768,642 she listed as liabilities. With a monthly income of $11,700, one might think that she would have no trouble staying afloat. However, her mortgage payments alone are $5,170, while her total monthly expenses are listed at $8,821. It is now up to a Georgia judge to decide whether she qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or will have to think of another way to get out of debt.

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