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Sometimes finances just don’t seem to be coming in, or maybe your business endeavor was unsuccessful. If you need to close your business then there are quite a few items that will end up on your checklist. You will need to make final federal tax deposits, and file your final quarterly or annual employment tax forms. In addition, you will need to issue final wages to all of your employees, as well as any withholding information. You may also need to report any information from W-2 forms that were issued, and file your final tip income and allocated times information return form if that is applicable to your business.

You will have to report your capital gains or losses, and report a partner’s/shareholder’s services. The Internal Revenue Service will also need to see a final employee pension plan and see your payment information regarding contractors. If you have issued a 1099, then you will need to report that information, and you will need to report corporate dissolution or liquidation. You will also need to declare your business asset sales and report any exchanges of property used in your trade business.

All of these forms are essential to legally close your business in a way that is beneficial and efficient. By closing your business, you may be able to satisfy your creditors and end up in a situation where you are finally out of debt. If you have exorbitant debt, bankruptcy may be your best way out. Oftentimes a bankruptcy will require that you close a business that is not providing any adequate income. A bankruptcy attorney can help you with this process and provide you with the assistance you need to file a successful bankruptcy. Contact someone at the Malaise Law Firm if you need help closing a business or declaring bankruptcy.