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If you are currently searching for a job and not having an easy time getting interviews, it may be because your resume isn’t enough. When you are desperate for employment, you need to pull out every stop to get the job that you want. Job loss is one of the main reasons that families have to declare bankruptcy protection.

Even if your income stops coming, expenses continue to arrive. If you are amassing debt while looking for a job, you may be worried about what is going to happen next. Usually, unemployment can help you when you file for a Chapter 8 bankruptcy, but if you are trying to avoid this option, then you will want to think of other ways to go about getting interviews. There are several reasons that a resume isn’t enough in this economy.

First of all, your resume may be too generic. A lot of people look similar on paper. Until your potential employer meets you in an interview, you may not look like anything special. Make sure that you resume shows what is exceptional about you specifically, and why you would make the perfect candidate. Also, you should consider revamping your resume so that it is bulleted, rather than a list of paragraphs. Your potential employer will probably only skim your resume, so you want it to be as simple and reader-friendly as possible.

Also, make sure that your resume is specific. Include the dates that you worked at various places, and what you did there. Don’t include details about your personal life, because these don’t have any pull in whether or not you will get a job. Also, your employer is probably looking for provable facts, not subjective statements.

If your resume boasts about character qualities you believe that you possess, you may be bypassed because companies know that your self-assessment may be off. By revising your resume, you may be able to get interviews and eventually find employment that can help you out of bankruptcy! You may also be able to transfer from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to a Chapter 13, which is more of a repayment plan. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney for more information about your options!